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Don't be caught by surprise when Medicare doesn’t cover portions of your medical expenses.  If you’re covered by Traditional Medicare, a Supplement to that coverage can protect you from a surprise bill for medical expenses that aren’t covered by Medicare.

Medicare Supplement Insurance to Protect Your Health and Finances

Why Medicare Supplement?

Now that you’re enjoying retirement, you should be thinking about how you will spend your time, not how you will spend the money you’ve saved over the years. The problem is, medical coverage is expensive and even after you cut the check every month, you may not be fully covered.

With over 40 years of experience in the health insurance world, Argyle Group offers Medigap plans that bridge the gap left by Medicare. Protect your health and finances with the right coverage today. Contact us to examine your options.

Medicare doesn’t cover everything.

When unexpected medical issues arise, Medicare doesn’t always cover everything…leaving you vulnerable to unforeseen expenses.  Don't let gaps in Medicare coverage disrupt your financial peace of mind.

Without coverage, you may experience:

  • High out-of-pocket medical costs

  • Uncertainty about Medicare coverage limits

  • Fear of unexpected health-related expenses

Supplement Plans Available

While there are ten (10) “standardized” plans available (based on government guidelines), most insurance companies offer only 3-4 of the available options.  
We suggest you choose from Plans G and N — covering 87% of Medigap enrollments in Tennessee.  Each plan is designed to cover what Medicare doesn't, ensuring fewer surprises and more predictable healthcare costs.

Plan G

Provides extensive coverage except for the Part B deductible, including foreign travel emergencies and Part B excess charges.

Plan N

Lower premium plan with predictable copays, offering comprehensive benefits while excluding coverage for Part B excess charges.

Get to Know The ARGYLE Group

We understand the challenges seniors face with Medicare alone.


Founded by Philip Johnson, his extensive background in health insurance and personal experience with retirement make us uniquely equipped to help you navigate these complexities.

Getting started is simple:

We understand that every situation and need is unique. That's why we're here to help you and your family get the coverage needed. 

Get in touch and let's start the conversation to find a plan that gives you the peace of mind you need.

Step 1 - Get in Touch

Reach out and Schedule a Meeting. We’ll get to know your situation, lifestyle, budget, and needs.

Step 2 - Know Your Options

Explore plans that meet your needs and budget.

Step 3 - Live with Peace of Mind

Enjoy health security and financial peace with the right plan.

At our Memphis-based Medicare Supplement Insurance agency, we specialize in helping seniors like you find the Medigap coverage that best fits their medical and financial needs. With over four (4)  decades of experience in the medical insurance industry, Philip Johnson brings invaluable insight and expertise to ensure you’re covered where Medicare falls short.  Our solutions are tailored to address the unique challenges faced by seniors in Memphis, providing them with options like Plans G and N, through a variety of top-rated insurance companies.  By choosing us, you’re not just buying insurance; you’re gaining a partner dedicated to your health and financial well-being.  Ready to secure your health?  Contact us today to discuss your Medicare Supplement options.

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